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The magazine breitseite is produced once a year by students of the Information Management and Corporate Communications (IMUK) program in the subject Communications project under the direction of Prof. Andrea Kimpflinger and co-lecturer Sabine Geller. Working in teams, the students take on all the tasks themselves: from conception to text and design to publicity on social media and the website to a video shoot and finding sponsors – all within 15 weeks.


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We would like to thank our partners, whose commitment and sponsorship make a significant contribution to our success. Working in partnership allows us to address exciting topics and present you with up-to-date and inspiring content. We are proud to work with companies that share our values and are committed to excellence in their respective industries.

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EDITION // 2023

Dot | Circle | Ball


In this year’s edition, everything revolves around the theme “Dot / Circle / Ball”.

Dot / circle / Ball – “Circles can be a metaphor for the existence of life. Everything is interconnected, so the possibilities of change and development are infinite, like a continuous cycle. ”

The current issue of Breitseite Magazine focuses on the comprehensive theme of “Dot, Circle and Ball”. The theme offers many creative opportunities for our students, allowing them to write fascinating articles for our audience. Educational and meaningful texts await you in this year’s 2023 Edition!

Breitseite Vol. 15 – 2024


Experience the magic of Stuttgart’s Christmas market through the unique lens of our Photo Team 1.

With a special focus on round elements, we have captured the festive atmosphere of the market. Immerse yourself in the festive atmosphere and discover the round shapes that give this traditional event a very special touch. Let yourself be enchanted by the charming impressions that our dedicated Photo Team 1 has captured for you.


Our photographers from Foto Team 2 have captured unique moments that reflect the powerful and diverse facets of these elements.

Discover through our images the beauty, dynamism and harmony that lies hidden in nature and the elements. Be inspired by the creative perspective of our team and experience the impressive connection between photography and the fundamental elements of our world.


Milestone in evolution
Fire is perhaps the most important element in human development. It provided early humans with protection from wild animals and enabled advances such as cooked food and the steam engine.



The earth creates life
The earth is the skin of our planet. It is not only a habitat, but also the basis for our food. Overuse and monocultures deprive the soil of important nutrients and make it infertile.



Take a look at the video on the topic of point | circle | sphere, which was produced by the video team and offers exciting insights!


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Get to know our team

Prof. Andrea Kimpflinger

Course Director and Practice Officer IMUK, Chair of the Examination Board & Head of Competence Center CC.

P: 0731/9762-1508


Sabine Geller

Dipl. communication designer & co-lecturer

E: sabine@geller-design,de
P: 0731/1537505



Sample articles to get a taste

How women get back on F1 circuits

How women get back on F1 circuits

Is there a space for female race drivers in F1? If you go back in time there certainly was. So why are there no women at the pinnacle of motorsport anymore and what is being done to change that Let’s delve into the history and ongoing efforts for gender equality on the racetrack.

Connecting the dots – Braille

Connecting the dots – Braille

The fascinating world of Braille: discover how it connects blind people, enables creativity and is integrated into music, literature and everyday life. Explore the inspiring story of Louis Braille and immerse yourself in an invisible but powerful form of communication.



Learn the moving story of Amy Bleuel, who created hope and awareness for mental health worldwide with a simple punctuation mark. Discover the deeper meaning of this tattoo and how it is committed to overcoming stigma and contributing to suicide prevention.


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