Process (alte Version)

Breitseite is a magazine created by students of the University of Applied Sciences Neu-Ulm. To create a unique magazine we have specialised teams, who worked in specified teams to achieve a collective goal: A cool, informative and creative magazine with the topic distance. Scroll down for more information about this project and its process of making it.

Step 1
Project start

At the beginning of October the project of creating the 12th edition of the breitseite magazine started.

Step 2
Dividing into teams

In order to distribute our skills and preferences appropriately, the respective task was distributed directly and each student could enrol in the team of his choice.

Step 3
Define article topics

The subject “distance” offers a multitude of possibilities for interpretation. That’s why the authors collected their ideas for the articles.

Step 4
Social Media strategy

In order to be able to adhere to a clear line when it comes to social media right from the start, this strategy was defined early on and then implemented by the responsible team on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.

Step 5
Cover desicion

The cover. One of the most important decisions quite early in the process. After many students had submitted their suggestions, the plenum decided which cover idea would best fit the topic and would also be easy to implement.

Step 6 Extra Label
Write articles

The main part of the quality of the magazine consists out of the articles. The authors therefore start to write down their creative ideas on the subject and to formulate the article.

Step 7
Acquire sponsors

The production process of a magazine is costly and has to be covered by us. Therefore the sales team is acquiring sponsors who benefit from advertising.

Step 8
Print company

The production team is looking for a suitable company, which is going to print our breitseite edition. Selection factors such as implementation, costs, time and humanity play a major role here.

Step 9
Create online presence

Besides the printed product an online presence is also indispensable here. That’s why the website team tries to advertise the magazine and to distribute some further interesting background information with the website.

Step 10
Implement Storytelling

We don’t just want to provide articles with the magazine. We want to make articles tangible. With the help of the storytelling aspect, a completely new way of experience can be implemented.

Step 11
Film shooting

The video team is also producing a film with the subject “distance”. Considering that a storyboard has to be created and the scenes shot and edited.

Step 12
Create photo series

Pictures say more than 1000 words. To ensure variety in the magazine we provide further content. The photo team creates pictures appropriate to the topic.

Step 13
Design articels

Every author has a designer in his team. The finished articles need to be presented by the designers in a way that they look appealing in the magazine.

Step 14
Presenting the results

Before the project is completed, each team presents its work so everyone knows what is up to date about the current status and modifications can be made if necessary.

Step 15
Summarize to print file

In the middle of January the work of all teams is summarized and the 12th edition of the magazine is printed. The goal is approaching.