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The 14th issue of the magazine breitseite, created by HNU students, is out – this time it’s all about “change”: what content can be associated with change in words, pictures and video? More than 100 creative minds in the Information Management and Corporate Communication programme devoted themselves to this question in the current issue, which has over 160 pages. You can find some insights here and browse through the entire magazine in the archive.

Musik – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h1gIB-Zmpy4 | Artist – Fuzzeke | Ticking Clock – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=32nR1MXg1QY


EDITION // 2023

Change – “Nothing is as constant as change”, loosely based on Heraclitus, the students dealt with change in all its facets in the four chapters “Contemporary”, “Character”, “Climate” and “Chance”.


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Our editors have written interesting and great articles about the topic of change.
Here you can find some articles – enjoy browsing!


The printed edition contains two photo series – here the first, which deals with changes in feelings.

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The magazine breitseite is produced once a year by students of the Information Management and Corporate Communication (IMUK) degree programme in the communication project subject under the supervision of Prof. Andrea Kimpflinger and co-lecturer Sabine Geller.

In teams, the students take on all the tasks themselves: from conception to text and design to publicising it on social media and the website to a video shoot and finding sponsors – and all within 15 weeks.


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