In every generation, the value of family is strongly rooted. Nevertheless, in the course of life we sometimes feel more connected to our own family and sometimes less, because other values in our lives become more present and important at certain times. However, we do not lose our "family values" in the process, but rather reconnect with them more strongly than ever after some time.


A baby - the new member of the family. With the offspring, the days and nights become longer and more exhausting. But all the effort is forgotten when we receive just a little smile from our child. The family is irreplaceable during this time and gives us the feeling of security from the moment we are born. We feel protected and safe. Without them, we were helpless and defenseless.


The development from child to young adult is one of the biggest changes in our lives. We grow, find new interests and develop our own personality. During this time, many pubescents usually just want their peace and quiet. School is annoying and their parents, who are basically loving and helpful, are also annoying. Actually, they just want to hang out with their friends. For the family, this age is not always easy. Tempers can turn within minutes and quickly degenerate into arguments.


As a young adult we want to be independent, have adventures, travel and party. But we are also determined, want to plan our future and move out from home. However, only very few manage to be completely independent from the family at this age. Often we still need the support of our parents, even if it is only for good advice. Parents learn to let go during this time, but are still proud of their children. As an adolescent, we slowly seek more closeness to the family again.



Adults, in fact, we are for most of our lives. We are firmly planted in life, have responsibilities and control over our own decisions. While some adults are in the process of starting their own family, building a home and developing a sense of duty to their family, other older adults are enjoying their regained freedom because the children have already moved out. They can once again take care of themselves more. As adults, we are grateful for the family and appreciate the harmony.


In old age, the family is the most important thing to us, we are again very connected to it. Grandparents are happy about new additions to the family and are enthusiastic about their grandchildren. We are especially helpful and shower the new family member with indescribable love. We also attach great importance to traditions. We look forward to birthdays and celebrations because the whole family is always gathered here.  Older people are generally very attached to their values. They are satisfied with everything they have achieved in life and want to enjoy their old age as healthily as possible.

Authors: Jennifer Kriener, Michelle Pfeiffer, Isabel Begimov, Marina Joos, Chiara Lupi