Self-love is not just about feeling good in your own body. Self-love is about accepting yourself and allowing yourself to become the person you really are. Often self-love is associated with something negative like selfishness, vanity or arrogance. This usually creates a false image of what self-love really means. There is a danger of confusing self-love with self-indulgence. Self-love means to deal with one's own strengths and weaknesses, to accept them and to learn to deal with them. It is very important to pay attention to your own needs and listen to what you need.


Your "superpower" self-love helps you to stay true to your own values, to accept yourself as you are and to be satisfied with yourself. The acceptance, confidence and self-love, are a key to satisfaction and happiness in life. Through this superpower, you will automatically radiate self-confidence and self-esteem. You will worry less about what others think of you and represent your own values consciously and purposefully. You will stop striving for perfection and treat yourself with appreciation. Your own mistakes will not be criticized, but used as self-knowledge to develop yourself further.


Not everyone finds it easy to use their superpower of self-love. Bullying, strokes of fate or events from the past can still accompany you and put a stone in your path. Perhaps the value of "love" was never exemplified to you as a child and you therefore never got to know this feeling. But also ideals of the media lead to the fact that we are not satisfied with ourselves. We are too critical of ourselves or start to dislike things about our own bodies, because we consciously and unconsciously compare ourselves with others. Striving for efficiency, slimness, success and perfection get in our way. If self-love is not your strongest superpower either, it really doesn't matter. You can learn self-love and always work on it. Remember that every person, including yourself, is equally valuable and lovable, regardless of their accomplishments, appearance or talents.


More and more celebrities and influencers have taken it upon themselves to spread the message of self-love. Among them are singer Lizzo and actor Will Smith. Lizzo (Melissa Viviane Jefferson), the American singer talks about self-love and body image on her social media pages. She talks openly with her fans about the impact of social media and its unrealistic standards. A beautiful and aspirational quote from Lizzo is, "You have to be who you are and never let anyone stop you or shame you from being yourself." Will Smith also speaks to his 56 million followers on Instagram about self-love. He explains how you should treat yourself. In doing so, he defines self-love as follows:

"I believe that self-discipline is the definition of self-love."

The 53-year-old actor explains that self-discipline and self-love are not contradictory. Self-discipline should be seen less as a punishment, but rather it helps to achieve one's goals and desires more quickly. This also applies to him personally. With self-discipline one regulates oneself. One's own thoughts and behaviors are corrected in order to improve. "When you say that you love yourself, it means that you are being loving to yourself."
Celebrities certainly have a great influence on us. They use this reach to help their fans find self-acceptance and activate their superpowers. Now you too can use your superpower to love and appreciate yourself.




Authors: Nicole Chamier, Vanessa Fiesel