Most of us know this feeling. The weeks drag on, there's no end to the work at home and at your job, and you're happy for each day that passes. The days and weeks feel like someone has hit the repeat button. But are you happy living in such a rut? It's easy to fall into this rut. Everyone has their ordered daily routine, going to work, dinner and household chores, and it's time to sleep again. Our daily lives are dominated by dullness and repetitive situations. As easily as we fall into the daily rut, the more difficult it is to escape from it. The rut can make you feel depressed, unmotivated and frustrated. Do you feel like bringing the excitement back into your everyday life and making it exciting again.


We have 5 tips for this:

1. Listen to your gut feeling
Only very rarely do we listen to the voice inside us. We often act as society thinks is right or as our friends and family model. Often we forget what we ourselves want and fulfill the expectations of others. To experience more enthusiasm in your everyday life, you have to start being yourself! Do not orient yourself to the hobbies that others like or the lifestyle that they think is right. For this reason, it is especially important that you listen to your gut feeling and find out who you are and what you want to achieve.


2. Find your new favorite activity
New activities in everyday life offer a high potential for enthusiasm. They often bring variety and joy into your day. However, you have to be careful here. Because as soon as a routine develops, enthusiasm often wanes here, too. Habit leads to boredom. That's why it's important to keep creating new incentives. Bring more variety into individual activities or work towards a goal. A good example can be found in sports. You can be a passionate runner, but if you run the same route every day and always see the same places, you will eventually find them and quickly lose the desire. Therefore, you should regularly change the route and explore new paths to bring variety and enthusiasm into your training. Besides sports, there are other varied hobbies, such as reading. Through different genres and authors, you can always discover something new here.


3. Set goals and rewards beforehand
Goals can give you a motivational boost and really spur you on at the same time. Your desire to develop increases and you want to give 110 percent. Therefore, set yourself realistic, achievable goals. Work towards a previously announced goal, such as a half marathon. Keeping this goal in mind will keep you an enthusiastic runner. It is also essential to celebrate small steps. Because many small steps lead to the big goal. Reward yourself for these and for everything you have accomplished so far. This will give you a momentum that can ensure that your enthusiasm lasts for a long time.


4. Provide balance in your everyday life
Are you fully committed to your work and therefore sometimes lose your sense of time and space? That's actually a great thing, but it's better to shift down a gear now and then. A targeted time-out works wonders. Hobby or work can devour a lot of time and energy, even if they cause a lot of enthusiasm in your everyday life, at some point you become stressed and unbalanced. This is a real enthusiasm killer, because you lack energy. Now it is important to relax and take time for other things. The best ideas come after a break!


5. Do not be afraid of new situations
In the course of our lives, we learn to assess situations correctly and to consider them carefully beforehand. We weigh up whether there are advantages and disadvantages or whether risks exist. This doesn't sound wrong at first, but fears or worries are not always beneficial for us in everyday life. On the contrary, they block us from developing enthusiasm. Therefore, it is often better not to think about what could go wrong or wrong. You feel insecure if all you think about all day is making wrong decisions or being disappointed. Don't hesitate and live out the things that really excite you!


Finding enthusiasm in everyday life is not always easy. Find out for yourself which tips you can apply in everyday life and which of them will help you personally. In general, what you enjoy doing also offers you a lot of enthusiasm potential.




Authors: Nina Föhr, Thomas Liebhardt