Message in a bottle – die Flaschenpost

Es war einmal... eine Flasche, die neben vielen weiteren Flaschen im Supermarkt stand. Sie war groß, stolz und schön.…

Wenn der Fluss versiegt

Namibia leidet unter einer extremen Dürreperiode, sogar die Flüsse sind versiegt. 1981 erlebte Namibia die „Dürre des…

Zaha Hadid: Brillante Architektin – Synonym der fließenden Architektur

Als erste Frau in einer männerdominierten Branche hat Zaha Hadid die moderne Architektur wie kaum eine andere geprägt.…

Let us present our different teams


Our photo & video team is responsible for creating cool content for the web, social media and the magazine.


Our Web Team is creating an unique website to show the best articles as well as implementing the work of the other teams.


Our editors & designers write and design the articles for the magazine. It is all about the topic "flow".


Our sales team is responsible for the aquisition of partners & sponsors for the magazine.


You can check our Facebook, Instagram & Pinterest channels, where we show our work digitally and interact with the community.


The magazine will be printed. The production team is organizing the printing process as well as other production processes.


We don't only want to write articles. We want to stell a story. Visually. Our storytelling team is creating a unique experience.


Our imprint team is showcasing every team member in the imprint of the magazine.

History of breitseite.


The first edition of the breitseite magazine was published.


More than 1000 students worked on the breitseite magazine until now.

About Us

Say hello to the team behind the new breitseite magazine 2020.

We would like to introduce ourself. Check out our about us page to get to know us a little bit better. We are young, ambitious and creative and love what we do.

About us


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